I Lie to My Self

I try to say im too busy for love and a relationship, on account of my double honours degree, but they is just an excuse. In essence, im afraid of rejection and the pain that comes with it.  I try to bury myself in philisophical and political theories, and while academic is incredibly fulling and rewarding, it cannot replace love.  Im afaid that im going to be alone forever, and i try to rationalize why am alone now

In the current state i do want a girlfriend, but its not a nessicity. But i cannot bear to look at a life alone,  a life without a person to love and think with. I want to meet someone who understands my passions and thoughts.  I often worry about being alone, because i havent really had a girlfriend in a few years, and im thinking that this pattern could continue indefinitly

hellas93 hellas93
18-21, M
4 Responses Jan 16, 2008

You will find someone some day, when the time is right for you to be with someone. Until then, live your life, and enjoy it. You are young. I agree with Nick, don't be so hard on yourself.

Be yourself and stop worrying about being alone. Continue with your studies be confident with where you want to go in life and in your self. If you are following your passion everything else will fall into place. Just be open and ready for it.

Don't be so hard on yourself. You're a smart guy whose actually going somewhere in life. Believe it or not, real women like that. <br />
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Sure, society is majorly based on good looks and all that is superficial but REAL people soon tire of that. Once women realize that they need more than a life filed with accessories, they start looking for meaning. And that includes finding a guy that isn't an airhead. <br />
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My advice: focus on your interests. Try to get out more and be more social. It helps. And eventually you will find someone worthwhile to spend your time with. And just like BoomSickle said, just be yourself.

hey mang, everythings gonna be cool. Just be yourself around people and you will have friends in no time. Its better than being withdrawn.