Loneliness In My Head?

is it weird that loneliness is the one thing i run away from and the ONLY thing that seems to catch up with me? 
i don't know why, but looking back in time i can never picture myself being anything else than lonely. I mean sure I've had some friends, but they all seem to let me down. i can seem to be able to trust anyone, not even my own family. i try hard to be this really pure hearted girl that helps everyone and everyone loves, witch i've gotten used to be. and i can't help but feel that everyone is using me. i don't thing there is anything wrong with my attitude. i mean i keep changing to the better but nothing seems to be enough. Those this means that i am doomed to be lonely for the rest of my life? is there anyone out there that can relate and make me feel like i am not alone in this one? could it be that my loneliness is in my head? and i could go on and on with questions that i know that no one has and answer anyways. 
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18-21, F
1 Response Jul 4, 2011

You are not alone. Loneliness is one of the worst human conditions which can happen even in a crowd or worse ...in a relationship. Loneliness is something which can be resolved by another person .. be it a BFF or a psychologist. It is an aspect in all of us but looking at it in the right perspective and as only a piece of the puzzle not the whole puzzle is first step. All i can advise is do more of the things which lessen your feeling of loneliness and hang out with the persons which do the same ... Also a good idea at this young age to talk to a professional because they can help you look at things a different angle and perspective.. Good luck and I am on your side.