Me Vs. The "best Friend"

I've been having many problems with my boyfriend. He's not "going out" with friends. It's just that he's not home with me. He's out in the streets. There's this one friend in particular. When I met my boyfriend he was living with him and that guys girlfriend and their baby. I took him out of there. I got us our own place and furnished it within a month. We had everything. When he wasn't working. I did it all alone. But now it's like he wants to be around his friend and his friend's family. If they're not together, they're on the phone. It's gotten to the point that when we're doing "it" his friend is calling him over and over. I see the phone number myself and I know it's him. It's such a buzz kill! We'll be trying to watch a movie just us two and the phone! We'll make plans to have a night out or in and there's always something going on where he needs him right away. He's always having drama with his gf so he drags my bf out with him to go pick up his daughter..blah blah blah!! If he would give his own gf the attention he gives my boyfriend maybe they wouldn't have so many problems. It's just like we're starting to have relationship problems because of his friend and it's not worth it. He cuts hair so my bf stopped going to his barber to go get hair cuts from him at his house. They're just there talking and hanging out. I really can't stand it. He just started this again after he was doing so good. I don't do that to him. I don't take off with Ajay (my gay best friend) or my friends and I wouldn't because I'm just too tired now to be out like that. But if I had the energy I'd be out and about too. I feel like he's taking advantage of me being prego and he's not going to take me or the baby seriously. I've never had this problem with my boyfriends. It just sucks that he's the father of my daughter and I feel scared to be alone if I tell him I can't be with a man like and ask him to leave. I've been alone before but I guess because I'm pregnant I feel different about it. The thing is we're even talking about a bigger house, a bigger mortgage and a second baby, marriage has come up. And I feel insecure about moving so forward because I want to marry him, not him and his friends. Why are we going to take the next step financially, emotionally, etc if he's never going to be home?! I don't want to start a family with someone who rather be with a grown man than with his woman and daughter.

I know that's a lot but I don't like to tell my family about it. I don't want them in my business. What should I do?
DivaJessica DivaJessica
22-25, F
Mar 15, 2012