Very Scary

Yet im only 14, besides the fact that im alone in the house whenever everyone is gone out. Like i would love if i had a boyfriend or something that would come over and confert me, be there everyday. Boys basically want sex, but noone my age is mature and older men like 17 or whatever like skinny people with horrible personalities the way i see it. Till im dead in the ground no one will still date me. Im afraid no one will ever love me.
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2 Responses Apr 12, 2012

Your still young You have plenty of time. Dont rush yourself especially at 14 just saying. Your 14 treat yourself descent be classy not trashy. :) Good Luck.

Don't worry. In this era, people of your age are mostly considered 'lovable'. Not everyone is lucky though, and some even have to wait after their 20s to find a true love, even then not all are faithful.<br />
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Sorry for being a bit negative, but to be honest, maybe at your age, a best friend is the person to comfort you. You know, the compassionate type, that will understand your feelings, sometimes even better than your parents. As you say, most boys enjoy love making much more than anything in relationships, and many of your age are still immature. Which is why, rushing to have a love one may likely ruin you more, especially at this age.<br />
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I'm just trying to help out, by saying that to avoid such terrible lonliness, either consult your parents about your fears, or do so with your friends. I wish I could help more, poor you, you should arms can't reach someone through the screen just to comfort them. Sorry. This is all I can help you with.