I Am In My 30's And I Am Afraid To Be Alone...

I have a fullfilling career, a successful business, a great family and amazing friends and even though I live my life as it today is my last my romantic relationship is not the best. Its been a years since we met and I can honestly say it has been rough.
I am afraid to me alone, I have aunts that have never had kids( I dont either) and live a sad life as they age. I dont want to stay in my relationship if its not working for the better of both of us. My two dogs and my painting are the only things that make me consistantly happy.
Life is strange but once you get the hang of it, it can be a beautiful experience.
TSelina TSelina
2 Responses May 21, 2012

Children can be a blessing, but they can also bring plenty of trouble and heartache in the package. Many a parent only sees their adult children infrequently.
Follow your own heart in knowing what will bring you contentment.

it would be better to be alone than with the man that you frequently speak of, there ARE other men you know..pick a better one...your dogs don't deserve this dude.