Are We Meant To Be Alone?

My biggest fear is being alone. Growing old and being alone scares me more than death. Not having anyone to talk or just that affection. Were human we need to know that someone cares about us. We hunger for touch. Do you really think there is a person out there for everyone? Or are some people really meant to be alone? I've been alone for so long now that I'm starting to think I'm one of those people who are probably meant to be alone. After my best friend passed away I've been afraid of letting people in because I fear in the end I'll end up alone again. As you get older its harder finding someone you connect with. I honestly don't see myself getting married or having children. A part of me does want to but the other part of me doesn't. You get married, have children, grow older, lose your spouse then your alone. In the end I'll be right back where I started. I don't want that emptiness and sadness of losing your spouse. Sitting in a nursing home looking out the window just reminiscing. I can't take that pain its too much. I work at a nursing home and I see it everyday with the residents. Half of their children don't even visit them they just wait until they pass away so they can take over their wealth. I hate age and I hate being alone. I would rather die young. Although I have a feeling I'm going to be around for a long time. I'll be the oldest and loneliest person alive
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I think about the same thing sometimes. I have been single since forever and is always wondering if it is meant to be. I am 24 and has never had a serious relationship and I see people years younger than me holding hands and being happy and such. Most of the time I feel alone and wish i was in a relationship, but it is mostly a game of patience. You have to figure out people for who they are before saying "I really like this guy," or "he is only looking to get into my pants," or "he seems sweet, but isn't a guy I would want a future family with." You are a beautiful girl and guys of all personalities and backgrounds are going to approach you, but you have to make yourself available to do so. Don't worry about age because it is something that is out of our reach of control. We grow older everyday and death is natural. Just try to make the best of everything that you are involved in ya know?

Well said and thank you!

You are my age,and I'm sorry to say to you we have a very tough generation,we are to survive in a world full of selfishness and hardships of all kinds...keeping in mind I'm not one of these "programmed" and "correct/normal" people,I'm starting to accept the fact I'm to live always alone,but I don't understand yours,you are a woman,and a pretty one too.