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I am terrified of thinking that I might be alone forever. I'm not desperate, but I have that fear of having to spend the rest of my life alone, but I try to tell myself it's better than being with the wrong person.
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Damn it sorry about the broken response. Hit post instead of correcting my spelling. Anyway I have not allowed myself to become involved with anyone and have chosen to remain celibate for the past six years since my divorce.

I know what you mean I miss being in love. I have plenty of love in my life but I am not in love. I have not allowed myself to be. I have a lot of female friends but very few my own age as a way of protecting myself from the possibiity of a

We have to go out, see other people, create opportunities and with those people we must think about if they are right or not for us, not being alone means taking risks, we don't know always others motives and sometimes we meet someone who lets us down after a while, but we must use that experience to learn more about what we want and what we should be aware next time, sometimes we must meet some wrong people to be able to identify the right person. Think about it :)