Still Feel Unsettled

I never thought I would be in this position at this point in my life.  I am 27 years old and still live at home with my parents.  When I was little, I envisioned my life filled with a husband, a few children with the proverbial white picket fence house.  This is the way of life for my parents as well as many of my brothers and sisters.  This is a path that I wanted for myself too because I see how much happiness comes from being with someone you love.  I just want to be that happy and share my life with someone who understands me.  After many failed relationships, I am just left wondering will I be alone? Instead of being hopeful about my future, I left feeling scared and lonely.   
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i feel the same.

everybody who wrote something on this site should kill themselves because they are too stupid to talk to a real person and type some words on a computer.

I know how you feel, plz be strong! You are beautiful and awesome!

Qualities you like in someone don't always translate into good relationship material, maybe look for different qualities. Chemistry has it's benefit. I found a good man to pick and many times I find myself wanting more. Hope you find inspiration and maybe this helps a little

i think i know how you feel and it's hard. At 24 i myself am also single - i've had a few romances which all ended badly and last year i found myself going along with one night stands just so i didn't have to go back to my flat alone - i guess my reasoning was that it's better to be with someone for a night than never have anyone at all, which thankfully i now know is wrong and more to the point dangerous.<br />
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i feel very dubious about my future too - so much so that i even thought about killing myself at one point - but somehow there's a tiny wee glimmer of hope inside me that one day i might find someone, and i'm probably wrong, but that little piece of hope really pulls me through some days - and i hope it will you too.<br />
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Have you thought about maybe moving into a flat of your own? or if you can't afford it share a flat with a friend - or even just answer a flat mate ad? i've found that living with my friend in our own flat the last couple of years has really helped me a lot.

So far, in my own life, it seems like the harder I pursue something, or the more I need for it, and have a yearning for something, the further it slips away. <br />
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The only way to tempt it closer, it seems, is to reach a point where one doesn't *need* it. And then things come :)<br />
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On a more pragmatically oriented line of thought, have you identified what went wrong with your previous relationships, and used this information to improve your relationship technique and *technology*? I'm sure that there's confidence to be had by knowing that you are in a good position to give an opportunities the best shot possible :)

I am the opposite, afraid to get involved i know that will pass, there are some great people out there you will find one .