The One That Got Away #2

Well, i had a crush on this guy. We'll call him secret lol. Well Secret talked to me first. He said i was very interesting and had the qualities he likes in a guy and whatnot. So we talked for a while, got to know each other some. Both admitted we like each other and what not. Nothin serious so far obviously which is fine, i like to take things slow. So i asked him "so are you in a relationship?" and of course he said no, he is single. That shoulda been my first question to ask lol but oh well. So today, i noticed that he wasn't on my myspace anymore. I checked it and was like hmm ok so somethin happened. I text him on his phone and said hey what happened to your myspace? and this is what he said "Yeah i'm kinda seein someone now. I'm sorry, he wasn't comfortable with me talking to you or having you on myspace...i don't really know how to think about it right now. Please accept my apology" yes, he did say he is sorry but, it's like a shot to my heart. I really thought this could be something then Bam, it's gone. But my remaining question is...why did he have to lie that he wasn't in a relationship when he really was?
ModelFoSho87 ModelFoSho87
18-21, M
Sep 10, 2007