I Am...

....afraid of being alone. I dont think I will find anyone. Some of my family have a track record for not having good relationships. That will probably happen to me to.
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I agree with suzenusude because I thought love supposed to be unconditional.

I hope someday you are not alone.

In reply to toad66.<br />
Some people do not have the oppertunties that others have for a realy good education, and some people for what ever reason are unable to work, I am not nessasarily talking about shadowscream.<br />
IF thier value as a person is dependant on these things, it is very sad indeed.<br />
If somebody loves you only because you have a well paid job, are glamerous with a high education, they have a very low value and are not worth thier weight in gold and not worth loving

Shadowscream: I am not a real pretty woman, but I have worked on my education. Love will come. Concentrate on yourself, work, education, meeting people by being friendly. Be friendly, smile. Talk to guys, ask them out for coffee, sooner or later it will click. There are plenty of fish in the sea, it's just finding the one that YOU like. Don't settle for a loser, no job, no car, no future. Find someone who cares about life and their future. Then you will find someone that CAN care. Yes, you will strike out, the person may not be the right one anyway. Just keep going, one day it will work. No one, repeat, no one has ever said love is easy to find, some people are just lucky sometimes, keep trying.

Don't give up hope!

u'll find some just do give up on it...

Noo not if you talk like that just keep your head high and you will find some one i beat you got this person at shool that like you and you dont even know it welll just wait and see im telling you the truth