So I Don't Tell.........

Everything that is inside me. I just grin, try to make people feel good & go along pretending that I have nothing to be ashamed of. That I am not a girl hurting inside with no one to trust, no worries to share. I pretend that I am okay with the stress of always wondering if I am bein' judged for who I am & for who I allow others to see................

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4 Responses Apr 12, 2009

i know how that feels <br />

((((hugs))))<br />
I know how it feels, trying to make everyone happy when i myself are not... <br />
I wish both of us could move on from this "stage"...

When you stop judging yourself you will cease to be afraid of other people judging you...<br />
<br />
You will not care what they think because you will be at peace about who you are...and you can be proud of that when you dont judge yourself...

My girl, no matter how anyone judges you, keep your head up and stand tall and proud. You are yourself, you are unique, and it doesn't matter what anyone thinks about that. You don't need people falling at your knees; that is not power. True power and strength come from you, not others. What will make you strong is if you can stand up to what they say.<br />
<br />
Some may not see it, but I know there are some people out there who will see the beauty of someone standing tall, proud, and as themselves. There is no greater gift than being yourself, so no matter what they say, don't be afraid. <br />
<br />
Their judging can't do anything to you, and you won't stand out or be noticed if you pretend, so don't.