The Knights Of Fairy Tales

Once upon a time I dreamed of a knight in shining armor
Sweeping me away from exhaustion, anguish and torture
Suddenly you dashed right through me like a blooming poison ivy
Nurturing our friendship inside our chained emotions
Whispering to surrender the sweetness of innocence
Knowing we can only commit so many mistakes,
When some may be worth the sin to make

You touched my soul as softly and gently like the wind
Weaving it so perfectly, it almost felt like a fairy tale
I’ve never pulled away from your kiss that craved me so much to want you more
I’ve never distrusted those mesmerizing eyes that looked right through me so deeply
Saying ‘I cannot give you anything more than this’, living in the moment of lies
It was indeed a mournful hint of truth that love is just a chronic invitation for pain.

But you always came, at the right time to redeem myself from this dreadful hunger
To be accepted for who I am and be respected for who I’m not.
So I hang on every time amid the chaos of my life
This lost temptation of wanting to see you
Galloping your way in the silence of the night
Into the pandemonium of my disarrayed emotions .

But knights only appear in fairy tales and I woke up making it out to myself.
Never did I pushed you away nor intentionally caused you pain and shame
In armored suit and pain-proof vest you gallantly walked right out of my life so decently.
For just as what fairy tales are made of, they are forever a dream never a reality
This journey towards self preservation made me completely understand love
To never let emotions run deep if you cannot commit to something for keeps.

So fly away my knight, fly away in that shining armored suit
Protect yourself from future hurts and gruesome aches
Just don’t forget to turn around and see for yourself
The damage you left in me, in my heart and in my soul so brutally.
chrisfairy chrisfairy
36-40, F
Aug 9, 2010