My Issue

I don't like being alone. For most of my life, I was alone. With no one to talk to. I've been through two years without anyone to talk to, at one time. I created a lot of websites to keep me company then. But it was so isolating... Imagine not having a friend and no interaction with anyone, just the occasional visit from family, from time to time. That was tough on me. :-(

As for growing up, I never had any friends in my childhood. I was always the weird girl that no one wanted to play with, but loved to throw rocks at. And I never had anyone to talk to as an adult either... :-/

Until 2008, when I met many good people on EP. And I will never leave them... Unless, I go mad and start wearing underwear on my head. :-)

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4 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Well I wish I could say something else that's funny and keep you laughing all day :P

Wear underwear on your head? Why not, if you feel like it ;P It won't keep me from talking to you! [well maybe if it's used underwear :P]

Hi, Shadow28. I am quite impressed and moved with your story. I also has been looking for long term friendships, but I've never succeeded. I sometimes wonder what is a real friendship. So, I guess I am a lonely person. I want someone to miss me. I had a fiance, and we broke out last week. He was my best friend. I don't know why things are so wrong around me.

Shadow, you will look fetching with that underwaer on your head......<br />
<br />
Unfortunately, most people float through in and out of our lives like toasters--they're reliable and working for a few years, but they croak, and we replace them...they're not abandoning us, just floating thru as is the natural pattern. <br />
<br />
There are some that stick, and some that are re-kindled.<br />
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But the thing is-they are there to enhance your life, not define it. There is a huge difference in "being alone" and "being lonely" and "being a loner" ....we CHOOSE which of those we want to be. If we choose to be lonely, we need others too much. If we choose to be a loner, we don't need others enough! It is a delicate balance of chemistry.<br />
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My suggestion is: try to be your own best friend. Give yourself tea & sympathy when no one else will. Enjoy your own company, and make yourself laugh.<br />
<br />
Then, when you feel like it, go hang out with friends and family--in person, IRL. Let them float thru, but enjoy them while they are there--that's what they're there for!