I don't know how it started or when it started, but sometime a long time ago it did. I invent myself to the approval of others and then i break myself down and invent someone else again- this cycle has been going on ever since i can remember. I can't trust myself to open up to anyone, i'm scared of putting myself out there, i guess of bearing my soul to the scrutiny of others.
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it's all from the fear of lonelyness.. if you can accept that in life, there will be times when you will have to be alone, and maybe feel alone too, and that will be OK, and not the end of the world.. In order to be more confident, I think you have to trust yourself 100% and enjoy what you do, cheer yourself up!! just like you would to a friend... You need to fourm a sort of a "friendship" or actually a relationship with yourself. It will take time, but believe me, the more comfortable you will get with YOURSELF the more you will start to care-less about what others think of you, because you will no longer be dependent on their approval to be happy. Good luck all.. I have the same issue, working on it for a more than a year now, and I made big changes in my character, starting by forgiving myself, and not worrying to much about the openions of others.

Me too...I am afraid to open up to anyone because I don't want to get hurt again by anyone. So I pick and choose what I want them to see but its really not so easy. Its so exhausting curbing who you are. I finally opened up more than ever to someone recently and the inevitable happened...I was crushed and heartbroken once again.

Thats exactly how i am...i feel like no one will like who i really am.

You need to just say 'fawk it all' Who cares what everyone else thinks about you, the only opinion that should matter is yours. If you aren't happy with yourself, then make yourself someone who will make you happy about yourself.

Never fear your true self. Often, it is the fear of reprisal by others that causes us to deny our true selves. There is nothing wrong with anything you feel or choose to be. When we learn, as a society, to stop being afraid of ourselves and act according to our passions, we will find true freedom. Be yourself, always, because it will always be the most beautiful you there could ever be...

I show others only what the want to see usually. It is rare when I show others what I really think and feel. Find someone you can trust with these matters.