Hell No

i have never had a girlfriend, i used to be weired but now i'm not.

now the girls use me as an advicer, for a reason my advices despite of my lack of romantic experience work on them, however, when i saw that they solve their romantic troubles i feel good but at the same time sad, and this question keeps on my mind: Why i can't have a relationship?"

i give less importance but one night i have a dream... no a nightmare were i was alone, my family ( i only have my mother so...) were gone by the time, all my friends got married and have children, but i was leaving alone, nobody needed me, my family( i only have my mother so...) were gone forever, then i started to get old, and still alone, in the end i was in a dark room, on a comfortable chair, tears run trought my face, i was asking to my self: "Why i'm alone?" " Why i couldn't have children?" " Why nobody ever saw me as a potential father?"
in that horrible doubt and sadness, my life came to an end.

i woke up, i find out that i was crying indeed and since then i always remember that nightmare and i start feeling bad about beign single, to be unable to feel love, to feel the joy of marriege and beign a father.

now i'm starting to belive that nightmare is my fate, and if it is, i'm trying to get ready, yet fear is poisoning my soul.

i hope i'm wrong.

sorry for bad English
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I have a feeling you will be highly desired by girls later in your life. You see they want different things in life right now. Trust me, you will not be alone. Make yourself desirable in every way. Work on improving your life and getting a career.

...good, even if i don't get anybody, i wasn't planing on let my life as a poor case, i'm planning to study to become a psicologist so i can aid people like me.

17 yrs old you are just a kid with whole life ahead of you and yes your spelling needs to be worked on and I hope they do not plan to graduate you out of school and you don't know how to spell. Aside from that try being alone most of your life and your 52 yrs old with no friends no life and the only kind of people you can attract are throw aways of society. Mental misfits and losers who are equally alone and miserable.

i might end like that or worst, at least you said that you may atrract freaks, i bet you that if things go this way not even freks will come near.

apparently been shy made a harsh way to my new confident self, i just hate loneliness and i try to avoid it but in the end it always got me, when i got older and loose my family because of the time i will be completly alone waiting for death... i'll not kill myself because i consider it a cowardly act

You are 16-17 years old and you are afraid you will be lonely in your life? Make it a mission in your life to never be alone again. I know its easier said than done but in the end it matters more than anything else you do in your life. I would say it matters much more than even a career.

It is difficult, it poisons you freaking life.

yet you are right... hope i can made it, still i'll got prepare to face my nightmare