Im terribly afraid of dying alone not because I can't attract women i have met lots of girls that like me but I'm too cold hearted to like them back. There was this one girl who I liked but she moved away before I could tell her how I felt. Life is cruel like that now I can't seem to like anyone. To make matters worse people make fun of me for me not ever having a girlfriend high school sucks.
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1 Response Sep 1, 2014

High school does suck. As for people making fun of you, if they were honest with themselves, are probably very insecure. As for coming around to getting to like someone.... The best advice I have for you is to dive in. Remember to have fun. When you look to get married, you have to remember that you may be with this person for a long... long.... time...... they need to be your best friend, your person you turn to when you're happy, sad, angry, crying, estatic, or even bored. If you two don't know how to have fun, it makes that bond so much harder to maintain. Now, you may ask WHY I bring this up. It's very simple. You need to learn how how to do these things so that when the time comes when you choose to get married, you will know what works, and what needs improvement. Every date you go on will teach you many skills, and even what you want in a partner. Is she a neat freak or an slob? Both are rather extreme, but maybe she is in the middle and that's perfect. Or maybe she can't cook, but you can. Does that mean your doomed to cook for the rest of your life? Maybe. Or perhaps it is an opportunity to teach her how to cook and build a need stronger bond. I have seen anerendrranged marriages work where the couple hated each other at the beginning, and perfect "soulmates" fall apart after 6 months. You both have to give a lot, and take a little, and shift the pack from one shoulder to the other or even trade packs. Relationships that work, work because both people decide to work through things together, through thick and thin. As soon as one person quits, the other person is left trying to salvage what's left... and becomes over burdened. What you are trying to learn in these early years of dating (all life is learning) is to learn HOW to build. I hope this helps. Hang in there. I'm sure you are not cold, but perhaps analytical. You can message me if you want more advice. Or just just to rant or rave.

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