The Reason

I have this need for people. I have this need to feel needed or wanted. I try so hard to control this need. I won't initiate a conversation with somebody for weeks in fear of appearing too needy. When I was dating my (now) ex, I was so afraid of coming off as needy. He was constantly telling me that I wasn't bothering him and that he didn't mind how often I called or texted him. But still, this wasn't enough to make it seem okay. I think I'm getting a little better at handling it though. It's just something that's always been a part of me, and maybe it always will be.
SavedByHim SavedByHim
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

Most guys appreciate the attention from a girl, if they are at all interested.

how did you deal with that? im afraid to come off needy and just like you i wont initiate a conversation with him. he tells me he doesn't mind and he likes me being needy but at the same time just like you it doesnt seem okay