I Thought I Was the Only One...

Seriously, bones in food creeps me out!  For example, I can only eat boneless wings and I refuse to eat fish because people find way too many bones.  I think a T-bone steak is gross and could never eat that stuff.  Oh, and then there are pork chops... NO WAY!  Those round bones are creepy!  At Thanksgiving, you BETTER make sure those bones are out of my turkey or it will freak me out.  I am not a picky perosn, but for some reason, bones in food bothers me a lot!

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1 Response Mar 23, 2009

Oh!!! truely my son-in-law, is exactly the same, he has to have everything boneless. On a Sunday if we have chickens, or chops, or anything with bones in, he goes nuts, it creeps him out i think,. I remember the other day we had fish and chips for dinner, he was nearly vomiting as he had found just a little bit of fish bone in his! he never ate the rest.. So he will know what your talking about then when i tell him this.