I'm 42 and have been through hell I've got 5 types of cancer brain, breast, cervacal, bone n lung cancer been fighting cancer forthe past 5 and a half years been through bone marrow transplants n blood transfusion n all kind of tests known to man also have bone cancer n ms in my legs witch makes them very painful I've lost everything n been through hell I've lost half my brain n both my breast n a lung I just trying to make friends who can give me some advice I've only had ms for the past 4 months today this is all new to me. . . Before i got sick I use to enjoy taking walks along the beach , watching the sunsets n riding horses, dancing n being in n on the water, fishing, camping, playing pool n darts also liked going to the flea markets , malls n parks don't have much to say please feel free to ask me anything waiting to hear back from u Jolee
SweetCountry68 SweetCountry68
2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

My prayers to you my dear, dont loose your faith LOVE is bigger than anything else :) <3

Hanging in there my friend, my prayers goes to you. with love, sns4u