It Just Started With Strange Things...

I started having severely heavy periods, and my uterus caused me pain almost all of the time, through the whole cycle. I sometimes bled for a day to 2 at a time between my periods. A couple of other symptoms popped up, but I won't go into detail. But I finally decided it was time to go see the doctor.
She asked lots of questions, did a Pelvic Exam, etc.
She said "I don't think we should jump to cervical cancer. We will work through some other possibilities to begin with."
At that point I only really paid attention to the other things, I had a lot of blood drawn for some tests.
She is hoping it is a thyroid problem. If not, I will go on the pill for 2 months, if things don't change, "we will continue with other tests."
It didn't dawn on me until after I got home that if my thyroid is fine, I have to wait 2 months... to see if I have cancer.
I am terrified beyond what I can possibly explain.
I always thought you couldn't get cervical cancer as a Virgin!
I was wrong though... HPV is just the leading cause.
How am I suppose to explain that to people if I do have it?
What if I can never have kids...
I'm so scared, and just can't stop all these thoughts.
So many people in my family have died of just about every genre of cancer out there.
What if I'm next...
Proud2bher Proud2bher
18-21, F
Dec 6, 2011