I Am Definitely Afraid Of Cats

Once upon a time in my life it was embrassing for me to admit to anyone that I'm afraid of cats (kittens too),to avoid an embrassing situation for me the question was always asked by me "do you have a cat, because I am allgeric to them",one nite I tuned in to watch a talk show, the topic was "people fears",when I watched that people are afraid of things like feathers,colors in specific,balloons,clowns,then I realized then that what I am afraid can run,jump.climb,leap,claw you,actually I can think of a million reasons I don't like about a cat, but there is only one thing i know for sure is that I AM DEFINITELY AFRAID OF CATS (KITTENS TOO),I will not enter a home or business that has a cat as a pet,I am so afraid of cats, I can actually smell their presence before they are in my sight,one day I was visiting a thrift store, I was the only customer shopping there at that time, so as I begin to stroll down an isle I can smell there is a cat in here, so i quickly went to the front counter to ask the person behind the counter, she said "oh yea, you are talking bout stormy, thats how store cats,I shot out the door so fast, someone else would have said the lady in the store must have told her that there is a rattle snake loose in the store.I have broke out ran out of people homes when their cat appeals,in the first place I should have not even been in that home,someone can really rob me or do harm to me by threat of putting a cat on me, FOR REAL!I I honestly know that the only way I take a fight on with them if any of my grand-children was in danger, like one day my grandson who was 5 at the time,interferred with two cats who was about to mate,you know how they get in each other face and talk their talk, anyway he eased out the front door and went to the side of the house where this was taking place, I happened to glance out the window and this is what I'm seeing, my grandson innocently trying to be friends with the cats, but I know the danger he was in, it was only God who gave me the courage to pick up the broom and go get my grandson before that tom cat attacked him.because that tom cat wasn't goin have that.another strang thing about me & cats, that they all know I am afraid of them, they watch me from a distance like they watch no one else,I cannot shoo a cat away like most people can just say shoo to a cat and their gone, but me they will not leave they all look at me as if they were saying you move!

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Napoleon was afraid of cats!

But Cats are the best

Wow and the cats pick up on it to. I cant imagine what that must be like or a cat looking scarry.