The Reason Is......

is because first off, I have anxiety disorder and that was or shall i say is the thing that scares me the most, i don't want to leave any of my boys. I have 2 that have moved on in their own, but they still need me and i have 2 little guys that really need me. If you lost your mom at a young age God I'm so sorry. (HUGS) to you. I pray to God he knows that i'm a coward. As i see my boys grow, i want to say slow down. But they are growing so much. If you pray please pray for KIC because i'm at the end of my rope.
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We are captive on the carousel of time,<br />
We can't return we can only look<br />
Behind from where we came<br />
And go round and round and round<br />
In the circle game...<br />
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My children are now 50, 43 and 38. It seem like just yesterday they were little. Time passes far to quickly, but we cannot stop it.<br />
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I am spiritual, not religious, and now realize that there is a greater plan than ours. God's will, not ours, is always done! I have learned to accept God's will, because I have no choice; When I try to live life on my terms, I am miserable because life doesn't happen on my terms. I believe that everything happens for a reason. With acceptance, I learned surrender. Surrender doesn't mean to give up, it means to just stop fighting. That being said, you are in my prayers...Stephen