I Used To Be Afraid Of Death

The concept of death was always scary for me.  From the time I was little to mid-40's, I was terrified of not being "here." What would happen to my stuff? Would I know anything about why life ended?  And what do you do when it's just all over?
Today, at 46 years old, I am not longer afraid to die. I become a believer in God, thanks to the amazing wisdom of Dr. Wayne Dyer and realize that I am a spirit in a human body for a short time. Then, I leave my body, and go back to where I came from. I go back to God and get to decide if I want to come back to experience life again. Maybe this time as a different, sexual orientation, color, creed, religion. But I can come back. Death as we know it is not an ending, it is a beginning. We are spirits having a human experience NOT a human having a spiritual experience. Do I still fear the act of dying? Yes. I can't see an benefit to suffering with diabetes, cancer or alzheimers. I don't believe anyone looks forward to those things. But death itself, not being on earth, is just a different dimension. You don't really die, you just become a spirit without a body. Think of it. You'll be able to move through objects, time and space. Nothing will be a mystery, it will all be explained. There will be no pain, suffering or flaws of any kind. Everything will be beautiful, kind, good and right. No egos to get in the way to destroy relationships. No sickness or poverty (because there will be no money). I am now convinced, life on the other side will be better than what it is here on earth. And remember the old saying--There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Much peace and happiness in this mortal world.
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

We were with God before we came here. We are mortals for a short time and then return back to God. God is love. Neutral, non-judgemental and all-forgiving. He knows we make mistakes and does not expect us to be perfect. In his eyes, we are all equal, there is no bad or good. Your loved ones will come to greet you when you die. You were born with a crowd and you leave with a crowd. I'm sure Elvis will be more than happy to meet you, don't rush it though! Enjoy what you have here and live every day moment by moment. It will help with the anxiety. Much peace and happiness.

I have so many little fears, such as Spiders and Worms and being in the Dark. But I think my biggest fear is death. I accept that it going to happen, but I suppose, dying is not actually what I'm scared of, it's what happens after. I like to think that there is such thing as Heaven and I like to believe I am a Christian. But, I don't want to put all my faith is someone, to find out it was all lies. I've had that happen too many times. People say that the fear of a thing comes from fear itself. I don't know. One thing that appeases me about death, is hoping that I will get the chance to finally meet my hero; Elvis Presley. <br />
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I am 17/18, and I like to think I have a lot of years left. But nobody knows for certain how long they have on this beautiful Planet. I can only put my faith to God, and have trust that he knows what he is doing. To know, that there is something after this, and not nothing.