Not Death Itself

It's not dying that scaresme. We all die, that is the inevitable fact of the Universe. Us, planets, stars; it's even said that the Universe itself wil die one day. What scares me is that I'll die alone; I'll have no one in my life to be there with me when I go. That I'll have spent my whole life having done nothing to have shown my worth as a Human on this planet. There is nothing scarier to me than dying knowing you have never benefited Mankind, that you never once helped out someone when they truly needed you, that you let yourself be ignorant to everything. That's what I'm afraid of.

JollyDevittaRoger JollyDevittaRoger
22-25, M
5 Responses Sep 30, 2008

you are misunderstanding your faith, you can't save yourself...the difference between heaven and hell is trying and's not your work to try and save your self.... trust is the key, then a power stronger than you will do the work...may you find His peace..

it`s not only you who thinks the same...there r so many that have same ideas...for instant me....<br />
so what? one is born without reason...u just cant find it...maybe have to dig deeper...although might feel tired<br />
it`s the big and many people that have a lot in common just have little chances to join and share their life....we have the web but still so far from eachother...<br />
u know that somewhere there is a soul that beats like urs ...but this damn distance....and bureaucracy

Which is why no matter what, I want you to be the best. Don't settle for second rate; you were meant for something better honey. Don't be like a lot of people and just waste it all away because you're afraid you're not good enough. You're better than enough. I know it.

Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. At worst maybe it doesn't even matter. We've got a f***ing dominant religion that states that you shall go to a place of utter Damnation if you do not save yourself. Most of the time when I think on that I try to figure our since when did it become more important to help ourselves than to help others.

maybe you have helped someone, and you just don't know it...