Always Scared

I'm always scared of any kind of disease. There is for example brest cancer running in my family and I feel that there is some kind of knot in my breast and so I right away suspect that I could have cancer. My grandma just had an aneurysma some years ago and I have headaches all the time and so I except to die from that. I always fear that I'll have a heartattack or a stroke herniated disc... just about everything that I could have. And sometimes it gives me panic attack cause I'm so scared...
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I have a history of heartattack, heart disease, high blood pressure and seizures and alcoholism on both sides of my lineage. I get so scared when I get really bad headaches (like SEVERE headaches) and symptoms of heart disease. When i have more than a drink or 2 I get 3-day-hangovers. The only thing I can really change is that I probably have up to 3 drinks total about 3-4 times a year and I pace them so I don't get drunk. And I won't date another damned drunk so I wont hear his pathetic voice cursing me because I won't help him drink and get drunk with him. I wanna get him drunk then hold a candle really close let his self-induced alcoholic volume torch him. ok so i dated a few really mean drunks

That sounds like it must be hard to live with at times. :( And there are such a range of symptoms that can be worrisome! I hope you mange to find a way of reducing some of that anxiety. And I hope it doesn't stop you from taking the same health precautions as everyone else, either. Sometimes worry like that can be a two edged sword, but if you do everything that you feel is rational and sensible to do (rather than driven by worry), then you have looked after yourself as best as you can.