New Show About Helping People With Animal Phobias

Do you suffer from an animal phobia that is disrupting your life? Are you tired of living with this fear and anxiety? Do you dream of a cure but don’t know where to turn for help?

If this description fits you or someone you know, help could be around the corner!

A cable network is currently casting for a new show that focuses on helping people who are affected by specific animal phobias and are looking to overcome their fears.

If selected for the show, you will receive one week of intensive therapy at an exclusive California facility at no cost to you. There, you will be treated by a team of expert doctors, including a world-renowned psychologist who specializes in treatment of anxiety and animal phobias.

Those interested in participating in the show should email:

In addition to your name, phone number and age, please describe your animal phobia, how it has affected your life and why you would like to receive treatment. Pictures are also appreciated.
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Jul 29, 2010