Well, I wouldn't exactly say I'm afraid of them. But I gotta admit, some of them creep me the hell out. I remember watching raggedy Anne when I was little, and that's what did it. Not chucky, not puppet master... no raggedy freakin Anne! I feared that e'rytime I left the room, my dolls and stuffed animals were walking around in there. Therefore, out of fear I always treated my toys with kindness, not cuz imma nice person which I am (shutup Ford).. didn't want the lil bastards attacking me in my sleep. (not counting the stuffed bear whose back I slit open to hide my smokes in as a teen)

Now Imma grown *** woman, but still kinda think that they're alive oooooohhhhhh. I have a few precious dolls and stuffed animals left over from childhood that hold sentimental value. And every now and then.. when I think about it to long, I get the creeps. Oh and lets not even start on those dolls whose eyes open and close! wtf?!
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michelle... lol i don't blame ya.. i was and.. yeah still kinda am a big chicken when it comes to creepy stuff.<br />
Queen, i had both the dolls, anne and andy.. i was VERY nice to them... lol

Shoot woman, you know it wasn't did it at my sister's request, LOL !!

Rofl! Surprised u could go up there to put it there lol

Two words sunshine...Amityville Horror, as soon as we watched it when I was much sister's doll that looked just like the one in that movie went up in the attic and was not seen again for many, many years, lol !! I am with you, there is something creepy about em !!

Joel.. no doll could skeer her! Sheesh lol<br />
<br />
Foxx .. dude, I rode That when I was bout 8 I think.. I remember thinking "there was nothing fun about that, and was totally creeped out" lol

My oldest daughter used to watch Sesame Street religiously. My youngest daughter (at age 4) took one look, and announced: that stuff is for babies!

See Joel, had she watched raggedy Anne.. she wouldn't have done that.. lol

As I was reading this I was thinking the creepiest thing would be a porcelain clown doll, but you guys covered that. Thank **** i'm not the only one. <br />
And I don't want to alarm you, but the worse place to keep those dolls is in the attic. Don't you lie there in bed at night thinking you can hear their footsteps walking about up there? One day they'll find the hatch to get down you know :- {

I always wondered about Baribie dolls. If Barbie is so freegin popular, who come you have to buy friends for her? My youngest daughter took it to task to rip the heads off all her dolls and toss their lifeless bodies down the ba<x>sement stairs...

lol.. see they are creepy as heck!!! I don't blame you.. keep dracula in its coffin and nail it shut haha

My daughter, when younger, oooh! about, 10yr old, won, one of these dolls at a fairground stall! She asked me to keep it in my bedroom! which i duly have, (i wouldn't have it in my living room, on the units or anywhere, where i could see it) but this thing is still in it's oblong box, which reminds of a "coffin" (sorry, but it does,), when i first saw the "thing" i happened to tilt it a bit and it's, bright blue glass eyes opened, omg!!!!, now it is right at the very bottom of my wardrobe and there it has stayed for 15yrs!!! it gave me the "creeps" then and it still gives me the "creeps" now!!! lol Thank you so much for posting this! :-)

Rofl.. damn barbie ****. Oh the things I made my barbies do... good times good times. lmao!

*makes mental note of exaggerated tears* LOL!!! :-D

lol DT.. you take quite a bit of joy from that creepy dolls pain

you're too good an actress my friend lol

LoL @ DT half expecting to see contents in the doll's head!

I have two creepy clown dolls encased in glass.. both from grandma's.. damn sentimental ******* *j/k grams I love you* but still... I don't dare throw them away out of fear not of the dolls this time but my grandmas would haunt me.. lol. <br />
<br />
DT.. you smashed the doll dint you?!!! *shines light in your face* how creepy seeing her face slowly pieced back together... oooh *shiver*

Clowns are just a bit creepy as is...make one a porcelain doll? Just...just no, sir!

I'm with Plaid on this one...those porcelain dolls and clown dolls are some of the creepiest things I've ever seen!

lol... yeah I could see that about the precious moments dolls.. totally envision their sweet little head slowly spinning around. haha. oh! the porcelein dolls, my grams had a collection of them and tried slowly pawning them off on me. I have 6 of them *safely tucked away in the attic* becuz I couldn't tell her no.. lol

My Gram gave me one of those fancy Precious Moments dolls for Christmas one year....For one thing I was kind of WTF?? A doll???? Does she know me at all?? And then there was the creepy factor- those big Precious Moments eyes and the sickly smile... *shiver* She was a cute doll but I am NOT sad that I no longer have her!!!

ooh those are the worst!

LoL Sunny! I never minded rag dolls but the porcelain ones always gave me the heebies.