I Can't Even Do It...

I'm deathly afraid of it. I'm even starting to get panicy while other people are driving too. I get scared when going across long bridges or overpasses. Whenever I get behind the wheel of a car I get dizzy, my heart beats at an abnormal speed, I have trouble breathing, and my chest hurts really bad. I eventually start to cry or have an "out of body experience".
I feel like everyone thinks I'm stupid and that makes me even more depressed because I can't help it at all, to me it's perfectly rational to not drive, unlike the rest of my fears. Sometimes I wish people would be more sensitive to me than to just tell me to "get over it." It's not as easy as sitting in a car and driving it. And although I'm frustrated with myself and scared about the idea of being dependant on something/someone other than myself I'm more afraid of putting my hands on the wheel. I'd rather eat bugs then drive in traffic it scares the holy hell out of me. I don't ever want to do it.
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I feel less weird and less strange, now that I know that I am not the only person with fear of driving.

I know these posts are a little old now but I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels like this.

So do I!!! ;)

im 39 and i hate highway driving i avoid it at all costs and its gotten worse over time. i take back roads all over. now my co mite move farther away and its pretty much off the interstate im freaking out and already seeking a new job that isnt as far as ppl are saying we are moving too and i do love my job so this suxxx. i make ppl drive if its on a highway. lord forbid a truck passes me id freeze up and i cant see great at nite even w my lenses being updated. i feel like a real weirdo. im so ashamed i am taking it so hard now. i feel like a moron in front of my bf.

omg,I am 31 yrs old and have never learned to drive.i've driven maybe 3 times in my whole life<br />
and i am so tired of not knowing how to overcome this fear.<br />
my lil sister has her license and have just gotten her first car.i have never been really outgoing and i <br />
think my fear comes from low self esteem even though i am 121pds,5'11 and bright skinned average girl.i am depressed all of the time because my child misses out on so much because we can't get to where we need to be all the time.i cry because i want to do it but i am scared of ppl looking at me being so old and can't drive.i sometimes wish that the ppl would just freeze so i can go where i need to go and then resume to whatever they were doing.

i think the fear of driving especially in the US is valid. with all those wide roads & fast moving cars, id just freeze not knowing what to do. i also think that the fear of driving over bridges is similarly valid. just refer to the website of the American Society of Civil Engineers where they say 27.1% of bridges in the US are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.<br />
<br />
Also, the 2008 strategic plan of the Federal Highway Administration says that 25% of the bridges´╗┐ in the US are classified as deficient.

I understand too :-( I hate people thinking I am stupid bc I dont want to drive. It seems like a lot of us have problems with mild anxiety and worry. I am surprised I never really made that connection before. I guess I need to start by trying nt to worry so much in general. The worst part is that it affects me physically-i cant breathe, I get frustrated and a lot of times I cant sleep. <br />
<br />
But...it is good to see tht I am not the only person having these feelings...

Reading your story makes me not feel alone. I am so afraid of driving. I haven't really drove anywhere in almost 7 years and it's about to ruin my marriage. I don't want to be afraid anymore, but I am also glad I am not alone anymore.

wow and i tough i was the only one who is scared to death of driving, i do drive tough only not on the freeways or very busy roads i make my way the the nearest stores or mall and that's it, i feel all the simptoms you describe includind the out of body experience...hehehe, is hard and i know it but you know what? i dont give inn to my fears, even in my own little way i fight them with my all been,what worked for me is doing little baby steps and widen my range a little at the time,i know i would never be a very accomplished driver but i be damm if i am going to let my fears get the better of me, hop this helps menwhile take hearth and dont give up, i wish you good luck in surmounting your fears.

I vote you come with me. It'd be amazing.

take a plane or bus? :] oooorrr just move my happy *** with you.

Understandable. :]<br />
Whatchu gon' do without me when I move to California? *le gasp*<br />
<br />
That sounded very gangsta. Lawl. Holy crap.

I know, sometimes I wish I wasn't afraid so that I would feel more independant. But unfortunately I would feel better if I just didn't.

I don't think you're weird. I just think it'd be amazing if you could drive cause then I'd see you more...Cause I miss you all the time. :[

Wow, you know it's so great to hear that someone other than myself is terrified of driving as well. I mean, because all I hear all the time is that I'm weird and that I need to learn in order to survive. And I also hear that everyone does it. So it's nice to hear that in fact that not everyone knows how to drive or wants to learn too. :]

Wow, you sound a lot like me. I don't drive. i have resigned myself to the fact that I just can't do it right now and I have to find other means of getting around. I don't know if my fear stems from my low self esteem or what but I do know that I am ok not driving a car. it makes things a bit harder when it comes to getting around. I do more walking than most people in this neighborhood, and that's ok. I've been told the same lines about just getting over it. I told them to get over the fact that i won't be learning to drive. Now no one asks me about it anymore.<br />
ironically I have thought about getting a moped. I feel like maybe I would have more control over a bike than a car.