I'm Not The Only One Right?

Lets see, I was never really interested in driving. I'm fine driving on back roads, they're no problem for me, but I get really stressed out when I'm in traffic, switching lanes, parking lots and intersections. I just don't know what to do. I feel so bad all the time. Dad has been pushing me lately to practice parallel parking so I can take the driver's test and get my license and honestly I'm really scared of taking the test. I have no idea what it's gonna be like and I'm really nervous about it. To make things worse I have to hear quite a few comments about me not having my license yet from my friends and even their parents, not to mention my dad who's bugging me practically everyday. I joined this group so I can have some support from those who understand. I just wish I could just take a magic pill or something and then poof I would love driving, if only that were possible....
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First of all, let me tell you that the test (in the UK at least) isn't actually that scary. The worst part is the first five minutes when you're so nervous that you feel like you'll pee your pants. The rest is like a normal driving lesson.<br />
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If whoever's teaching you driving makes you feel stupid and doesn't give your confident, get someone else. I'm lucky to have found an amazing instructor. My first one made me feel really bad.<br />
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I'm scared of driving too. It's dangerous and...scary. But there's no point in stressing out over it. Just don't rush and keep looking around. That's the way to be safe and avoid mistakes.<br />
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I haven't got my license yet either btw. Took the test and did very well with very few mistakes, but made a bad mistake that failed me. Nevermind. The main thing is that I build my confidence in driving. Good luck and don't feel bad :) Take as long as you need to to learn something. Also, everyone was a learner once, even if they tend to forget that lol...