Afraid Of Driving

i was in a very bad car accident when i was 16. my friend was driving she was 18 and just learned to drive. it was winter and were turning a corner and hit some black ice. we slid down an embankment and the car flipped a few times and finally landed on the roof. i wasn't wearing my seatbelt because the back seat had to many of us in it to do that. i had to get new glasses and screwed up my back for 10 yrs after that.
due to this car accident i am now also claustrophobic. which is not fun at all. the thought of getting behind a stering wheel terrifies me. the wheel is to close to the seat. not good for my claustraphobia. need the space i get in passenger or back seat.

abt 5 yrs ago i was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and get frequent muscle spasm in my arms and legs. have also had some vision problems too, so am thinking Not a goot idea to learn to drive now.
karzme karzme
36-40, F
May 11, 2012