.afraid Of Driving

i was in a bad car accident when i was 16. a friend of mine just learned how to drive she was 18. it was winter and we were turning a curve and skid on some black ice. the car went down an embankment and flipped a few times. landed with roof down. i was in the backseat with no seatbelt on. there was 3 of us in backseat so was crowded. i ruined my glasses and screwed up my back for 10yrs. i also became claustrophobic due to it. so this is why i don't drive.
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sounds like you have been through alot yourself. thanks for sharing your story.

That is a real horrific accident that happened to you.I've been driving for 22 years & I've always considered myself a professional driver (I am a former driver's education instructor) until last year when my compact truck skided on black ice below an underpass.I spun out about 2 & 1/2 times and got stuck in the snow,but I was able to get myself out in a few minutes time.My truck is built like a tank & can withstand the worst kind of punishment imaginable.And here's the real kicker--this former driving instructor got arrested for drunk driving & now I have to pay a $1215 fine ! But at least I didn't injure or kill anyone ! In addition to the OWI,I've racked up so many speeding tickets,that I've lost count years ago.I've also driven ambulances & yellow cabs in New York City;so I've been there & done that.When I was a driving instructor,I used to try & teach this woman that nearly ran someone over how to drive.I knew deep down inside this woman was just too terrified to drive & is simply was not driving material;the auto school was just making money off her.Also,when I was alone driving with the school car,I smashed into the rear of a Lincoln Town Car on the entrance ramp to the highway.I drove a Chevrolet Cavalier that I nearly destroyed & the Lincoln did not have a scratch on it !!!!!! Needless to say,the owners of the driving school were livid ! I also suffer from a screwed up back,however it's not automobile related.I had scoliosis since I was a child & now I have ruptured discs in my lower back.The only thing that is keeping me from living in agony is getting shots in my lower spine on a regular basis.I also see a chiropractor about 3 times a week.I can only imagine the very bad pain you are in.It must be very hard for you to ride in an elevator & things of that type.In closing,I hope someday you will be able to drive and not become dependent on others.Thanks for sharing your story.