For Two Reasons.

The first, the one that has been with me the longest, is that I have a 42 year old aunt who cannot drive.  When I was really young, people used to tell me I was "just like" my aunt.  I misinterpreted this, as they meant our personalities were so similar, that they thought I was going to be just like her in every way.  That took it's toll on me mentally and scarred me for life.

I am afraid to marry a navy sailor because she did, and he turned out to be a child molestor.  I am afraid my first child will be a girl, because thats all she had and her daughter is a psycho.  I am afraid to gain anymore weight, because she has always been extremely obese.  I know it's ridiculous to say that I can't drive because people said I was just like her, but for some reason, that fear is so strong that it is restriciting me.

Also, I suffer from panic attacks.  My biggest fear is having one while driving, and fainting, then wrecking.

I took driving class, and drove alot, I really liked it actually.  But ever since then I've only driven a car twice and have had no other practice so I am fearful again.

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I just feel so bad becuase even my younger sister is excited about getting her permit. She's gonna be driving before me.

i can totally relate to the anxiety factor. just the thought of driving makes me so so anxious. i also took all the lessons and everything, but it seemed like each time i went out i got more and more nervous, not the other way around. people say i'm just like my grandma. she doesn't drive either, and when she was younger and trying to learn she used to freak out just like me!