I Crossed the Road, But....

Just the risk is enough for me. At night you could hit anything - or anyone. Even in day you could hit something, that's what scares me. That you could end someone's life. An ad on my radio truly secured this fear, at first I thought it would be about drunk driving but it wasn't. This little kid was going

'I climbed up the tree, but you couldn't see me,

I ate some food, but you didn't see me,

I ran into the road, but you didn't see me,'

It went on to say that at night kids were as invisible as radio characters (who you obviously can't see) and that hit it for me. Not seeing. Not knowing. I could never live with the guilt of killing a child like that, never.

(I'd like to mention now before anyone comments, I know the first two lines of the ad are probably wrong. But the last one isn't, trust me.)

Luangi Luangi
18-21, F
2 Responses Oct 21, 2007

I feel the same way! It's weird because until recently it was just a minor fear. But I almost got hit by a car and now I'm scared I might do the same to someone else. Driving would be extremely convient for me at this time, but I don't think I'll get over this fear now. It's just a little too real for me.

My sisters and cousins all drive cars now (we age from around 17 - 21 years old), and most of them have already gotten into some kind of accident.<br />
<br />
I usually try to avoid situations where I have to drive a car... I'm afraid of hurting myself / someone else too.