I prefer to die alone in peace. People are a disappointment to me. Why do you think people buy big houses far away in the country and build big fences around thier homes?

They do this to keep people away, they know people are a dissapointment at best.

I prefer to fall into the hands of the living God then to fall into the hands of mortal man.

My favorite religious lecture is, Other people are hell.

So what's so wrong with dying alone?

You want vultures around to steal your stuff?

Get a good estate atty, make your funeral arrangements and enjoy the peace you have.

2tuff 2tuff
6 Responses Jul 31, 2010

I'm not trying to change his mind.I'm just showing him my point of view and observing his.I believe that what he says holds some truth and being bitter has opened his eyes to the world.But,I think that we all make mistakes and that we have to choose if we should learn from them.I apologize if I came across as trying to change his mind.I just wanted to share my opinion.

I hear ya 2tuff and agree. I hate people and before you all jump down my throat..Yes I know..I am one. Well not by choice. the world is consumed with negativity right now sadly and people are so damn selfish cruel corrupt..etc.. anyway..moving on. Don't try and change each other's views all the time..just listen..yeah..duh..He has obviously been hurt...we all have. If he wants to be guarded and keep the vultures at a distance let him.. Be a positive example for each other not a judgmental one.I give love where it is deserved and am kind to everyone yet get shat upon constantly. There is nothing wrong with feeling bitter. Doesn't make you a bad person. Makes you wise to the folly of others.

I heard a story that goes like this:<br />
When God created humans,he put a little flame in each of us that represents our soul.The darkness(evil human thought)will try to consume the little flame.It is our choice if we want to save the flame or let it consume our soul.God gave us a choice to do the correct and moral decisions in our lives.It's just that we have to decide.

I have to agree with that statement,however this corruption that we have consuming our souls can be fought against and defeated.Every human has evil thoughts and it is up to every one of them to let it consume their own souls or actually resist and fight back.

I have seen enough of erring human thought, humans for the most part are evil thinking error filled beings. why would i want errorfull evil thinking people near me or in my life? humans are self serving, look at the zillions made in peddling rx drugs to errorful mortals.<br />
<br />
people have errorful thoughts, bad thoughts, selfish thoughts, greedy thoughts, i prefer to avoid erring mortal thought and the sicko minds that think evil and error..

You sound as if you have been hurt in the past and hold on to this idea of people as monsters and demons.I'm not asking you to change your opinion about people,but to at least try to reconsider it.