My Greatest Fear

This is my deepest fear, yes I am afraid to fly, I am afraid of heights but the deepest fear is dying alone. I have discussed this at length with my beloved rosemary, who also is childless. When you do not have children there is a bond missing. I am afraid I will get sick and unable to care for myself and my dogs and then will be alone. This is what makes me the saddest, it is what scares me to my core.
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3 Responses May 11, 2012

i used to be terrified to fly but got past it

Why people who are all alone do not get together and live in a same neigbourhood?

I am terrified of this as well. <br />
I am not scared of actually being dead, but of what might come before. Having no children or other family makes me hope I pass on very quickly one day, instead of getting weaker and frailer and dying by inches over the years, completely alone.