Diagnosed With Emphysema

I'm writing this from my hospital room, my husband bought my lap top up here so I wouldn't miss out on my friends, he's soo sweet!
Last night (Thurs night) I was having pains in my chest and I couldn't breathe, my lungs burned as I tried to breathe, I just got done smoking then. I didn't feel to good so I went to bed and woke up crying because I really couldn't breathe then, my husband called an ambulance to come get me. I am soo not in love with the hospital, I was not happy.
I have been through hell and back with these tests and sadly I was diagnosed with stage 3 emphysema and the doctor said I have to quit smoking or I will die. So I am going to start therapy to quit smoking, maybe it will work for me, I have high hopes it will.
I have been battling bronchitis off and on for a year now, since September 2011. Since my collapsed lung in May I have been very afraid of dying alone. Even though I am married and I have a huge family and it is still growing, (my sister is pregnant!) I am still worried that I will die alone. I don't want to be by myself when I die. I also can't bare to think of leaving my family.
I think all the time what would have happened if I never started, how could it have been, I would be in much better health. I love my children soo much, I don't even think they can imagine how much I love them and it makes me cry thinking how much I have hurt them with my smoking. I wish I never started.
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its my kids that keep me going and now i have grand kids they give me the strength to keep going

I just want to spread my prayers to you. I know how difficult it is to quit smoking. You are a strong I feel and life always seems to throw challenges at everybody one way or another.

You certainly are going through a lot. My wife had a collapsed lung soon after we were married, probably in 1976 when she was 32. In November of 1996 she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She had an operation to remove the upper lobe of her right lung a few weeks later. In the next year she had 4 more hospital stays and 4 more major surgeries for different problems. Thankfully she survived and is long considered recovered from her cancer. She does have COPD and suffered greatly with it last year. She started smoking when she was 13. We both quit for 15 years in 1994, but do to circumstances, we both started again 3 years ago(insidious disease). We have both cut down and our attempting to stop once again.

Yes, it's very difficult. I have tried a number of times recently but still smoke

I'm so sorry you are going through this and I believe in the power of prayer so you are never alone Regarding smoking I know how tough it is to quit especially battling issues of concern and stress. I worked on the other side where we had a 76 year old man smoke right from his trach and the studies show its worse than withdrawing from heroin. I was on Chantix for a brief time and some say they get weird dreams from it so it's not for everyone. Again my sincere thoughts are with you. You have so much more to live for

no one forced you to start smoking you brought all this on your self grow up and stop feeling sorry for your self bla bla bla thats all you have to say.

I'd love to see you get forced to smoke until you're addicted, just to see how humble it makes you.

I wish I had read this earlier.

I would have responded mor thoughtfully when I found out.

yes there is.. everyone can encourage you and support you and listen and respond by listening and not just spouting something off.. (what I did).

maybe spouting is a bit dramatic..lol..but I just was giving advice without knowing enough information.. in any case, I really enjoyed talking with you.

Oh :( Its alright it couldve been worse or maybe something else bigger than this wouldve happened. Just stay strong and destroy those ciggies..:D

i will pray for you that you find comfort

I'm so sorry to hear about your illness! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, hun. (((((hugs)))))

About 3 years ago my mother was diagnosed with emphazema and C.O.P.D. It really scared me and broke my heart! She is still struggling with pnemonia all the time but she refuses to quit smoking and that hurts me the most! She has 3 kids and 7 grandkids. She moved about 5 hours from all of us because she said it was better for her health! So now our mother is far away and sick but continueing to smoke! I know its hard to quit because I smoked for 13 years. As soon as I found out about her illness I was desperate to find a way to quit! Then one day my cousin told me about this book that helped her and her sister both quit smoking. Its called how to quit the easy way by allen carr. If there is anything you can do to quit smoking this might be it! I quit 3 years ago september because of that book! I have tried to encourage my mother to read it but I don't think she is ready to let go of smoking yet! I still love her just as much it just really breaks my heart to think of losing her to smoking! I wish you all the best and I hope that you read this book and once you do you will understand how it made me quit!!!

get better soon n u'll b in my thoughts n prayers.trust in God n u'll b okay

I agree with all these responses, baby!!! girl!!! "Quit smoking". Show your beautiful children, family and friends how much you love them, by doing this most important of all, "wake up calls"! And by the way! we all "LOVE YOU TO"! Concentrate on getting better! darling! I am praying really, really hard for you! Your in my thoughts and my prayers. My prayers mostly work!. Just think of getting yourself better! and up and about! I so want you to be well, healthy and happy! PLEASE!!!!!!!! You are a strong, young woman and i loves ya! to bits! GET WELL GIRLIE!!!!!!! YOU HEAR ME!!!!!!! "welshbabe"!

Show them how much you do love them by making this therapy work for you right now. You really do have so much right now, you are beautiful and a good person and have an amazing family. Who would not want all that? Don't look back because you cannot reverse what has happened but you still have a chance to at least stop the loss of your lung tissue. I really doubt that you will die alone but I don't thing you should contemplate that right now, right now just think of hanging on and getting well. Show them that you will do anything for them.

Oh I am so sorry to hear you are in the hospital!! I will be praying for you and hoping you'll get out soon. I know it's not a fun place but definitely where you need to be. Maybe this is a wakeup call? :) I know you can do it...just muster all the strength you have for your beautiful, loving family and put all your energies into getting healthy! Girl, if I know anything about you, it's that you have such amazing strength and determination. You can succeed...just keep telling yourself that and always, always keep positive thoughts. Never let yourself get down. You have gotten those negative thoughts off your chest and now let's put them all away. Maybe this is the time to ask to be put on Wellbutrin to try it out? I sure wish you'd give it a try; if anything, I know it's a good anti-depressant. Well I cannot believe that I was reading this post from you. I think God is telling you something...remember how we JUST talked about this concerning Ethan? You take care now and keep me updated. I will be checking in on you throughout the day. BIG HUGS and LOTS OF LOVE GOING YOUR WAY!!

My heart bleeds for you, honey.<br />
Make this smoking therapy work for you.<br />
Sending love xxx