Pretty Much Afraid Of Everything

Hmm let's see... I'm afraid of dying. I'm afraid of coincidence because I think its some kind of sign. I'm afraid I can't trust anyone, I'm afraid that I will randomly get shot while out driving. I'm afraid that I'm not hearing what someone is saying to me even though I'm listening carefully. I'm afraid I won't be able to understand how to do something even after someone explains it. I'm afraid someones following me, I'm afraid someones going to break into my house. I'm afraid of having a job because I'll mess up or won't understand what to do. I'm afraid everyones talking about me. I'm afraid people don't like me, I'm afraid of crowds. I'm afraid I'm wasting my life. Everytime I do something the slightest bit sneaky I'm afraid I'll get caught. If someone gives me a compliment I'm afraid they don't mean it. I'm afraid of going places by myself. I'm afraid of driving at night. I'm afraid I'm going to get cancer or have a heart attack, I'm afraid of failing at everything. I'm afraid to ask for help, I'm afraid of surgery and that I'll have to have it one day etc etc.

You get my point. The list of things I'm not afraid of would be a lot shorter.
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1 Response Jul 18, 2010

literally couldnt get to sleep, because i was thinking to much about how i was afraid of everything, and was wondering if anyone felt the same, after typing it into google, this is literally the only post wish made me feel better because it sounded like i wrote it! thank you for expressing how you feel. i can see this was written nearly a year ago, i hope that you have been to a counciller and they have been able to help you overcome this fear of everything so you can enjoy your life, as this is what i plan to do not a moment to soon, the anxiety that comes with all these thoughts is overwhelming. thank you again for making me not feel alone.