Sometimes I Don't Even Try.

I am so afraid that I will fail that I tend to avoid anything that might be remotely new and difficult. I am going to TAFE only because I figured that it was a basic course, anyone can pass. I am right, it is pretty basic. I kinda want to be a criminologist but then I worry about going to university and forking out all that money, just to fail. I don't do anything unless it's a sure thing. I don't even speak up in a conversation unless I am so sure of the facts it's not even funny...

But here on-line I am doing things and saying things that I wouldn't EVER say in person. Does that make me a fraud?

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3 Responses Mar 11, 2009

In some places here at EP, you talk about the need for honesty, and throughout your stories we see where you are afraid to be yourself, and how disappointed you are trying to be someone who you say you are not on the inside, and they no one will know who you really are.<br />
<br />
What do you fear loosing the most?<br />
Who is controlling you, telling you that you need to be someone else on the outside?

I reacon the worst thing about failure is the following recriminations, confrontations and negative reactions to it. It's ok to fail here because people either support you or you can delete their comments. The non-virtual world just isn't like that.

Its a natural feeling. and no your not a fraud. i do not and will not tell my name or wherabouts, but feel more free of what i want to say on here, because it can be anonymous. ive felt that way many times of not trying things because im afraid that ill fail at them.....but you got to think of it this way. if you don't try, you'll never know.....and failing is not trying. it may hurt to try, but you know the saying, try and try again. we fall down, but just pick yourself back up, and move on, we are put in uncomfortable situations sometimes, in order for us to grow, we are not to be stagnet, otherwise our outlook on things dies, we need to keep growing, or to move on. you can do whatever you set your mind in doing, and you can be a sucess.