Lord Help Me For I Am a Sinner!

First I ask for everyone here to pray for me and to keep me in their prayers for I have something to say. I have sinned against God in so many ways, I have slept with married men, I have had extra marital sex, and I have had so many sexual partners. I am not a harlot but these are my past experiences. I have fought with my parents, I have disobeyed my parents, I have stolen from a lot of people and throughout my life I have hurt a lot of people. I have made numerous promises to God vowing to change but I always turn around and turn my back against him. In the past each time things went wrong for me the first person i went running to was God and he was there for me and He gave me strength and will to continue the life he gave me and yet when things are going too good for me I turn around and slap him and still call myself a sinner. For every blessing he gives me I pray that he gives it someone else more deserving  out of trying to purge the guilt in me. My eyes have been opened to God but there is a defiance in me and misguidedness due to me. Lord I am here confessing all of these things out of sincerety to try and rid the guilt off me. Lord please forgive me for all the things I have done. I have lost your way but I feel so unworthy and ashamed to come back to your house. I remember writing a letter to u telling u how angry I was with u for letting my life be so horrible but then I remembered that these things were my fault. God you created an Earth with love and so many other graceful things and here we are we hurl insults at you. Lord I know that the things I still do are against u but u know the void in my heart. Lord you have so much compassion for sinners like me and I am so ashamed. Lord will you let me in?

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I have just heard from my wife's daughter and was told how perverted<br />
I was to her. I do not remember most of what she says. I am such a sinner and would ask God and her for forgiveness but it is to late. My salvation is lost I am so empty with Jesus now gone. But I do still love Jesus and would pray for all my life to be done over. It is to late. But wont He let us go when we turn our back in depression and Pain. There is nothing I can do. WRATH HAS BEGUN

i have experienced what u have been experienced. We have to submit ourselves to God. HE won't leave us.

I am in the same boat as you. When I read this I thought my words were coming out of my mouth :(

yes.. im a sinner . i hav done many mistakes . disobeyed parents , fell in love wid a non believer , betrayed my brother.. i now realise all my mistake.. plz forgive me Lord.. cleanse my sins and accept me as ur child . plz Lord.

I feel the same way....all my misery and lonliness is my fault. I try and fail I try and fail I try and fail. I love God and I've accepted Jesus and have asked for forgiveness but I still have jealousy envy hate or anger in my heart. I'm so tired and I know he is the answer but I struggle finding him or feeling him in me. I often think ...I wouldn't want to hang around in you because I'm dispicable so why would God? I will pray for you and please pray for me.

God loves you! I understand, i have many time wondered how God could love me, i sin constanly. I am not humble, nor do i love my brothers and sisters as i do myself. But each night, i repent and promise to try and do better. And im sure God it thankful for that. Please believe me when i say God values you. Angels will sing in the highest of heaven and he will open his arms to you everytime you repent. I advise you to reach the Parable Of The Lost Sheep. That made me understand my relationship with God. And when you sin again, because thats just what humans do, God will still love us. Think of this, parents still love their children when they disobey them. It is like this with God. I hope i have helped you abit, and i will pray for you. I send my love xx

Iets true! We are all sinners and we have to constantly remind ourselves of what is right and what is wrong.nobody is perfect we all fall now and again.but we must have the will to try liv clean.ask God for help and strength to keep u on the right path and he will give u what u need.just use it!

I need God in my life now!more than ever.I'm a sinner and I need God to give me the strength today to change!pleas God forgive me.I love u so much.Pleas take my hand.

YES!!! You, unlike so many others, recognise your sin. But, my grace is greater than any sin.

Me to did like you did USAChic. I need also any one to pray for me. Seems like my sines are hunting me to take me away. God please help us.

this person is my life exactly i have sinned the exact sins and no i need forgiveness i need to be ith God in heaven

I am glad I read each and every one of these posts. They have really helped me! I know I have sinned time and time again, and I just went back to church this past sunday after not going in a long time, and I knew God was speaking to me. I want to be free from sin, I don't want to allow my past to keep affecting my future, and I now realize that I just have to let it go! Let go of all that I've done. God has forgiven me, and now I can live freely, and not allow satan to distract me and tell me that I am not Gods child. The more I reach out to Him, the more He shows me who I am, and we can live ,despite our wrong doings. We can live to help someone else, but we have to make a choice is what I've learned. After suffering the consequences of my sin I realize I have to let it go if God is going to work in me. No matter what anybody else says, our past can definitely help someone else going through similiar situations, and so the best way to look at our past is that we all go through situations for a reason. It helps us to become stronger, and makes us realize that we cannot make it on our own. We need Jesus! We need Him! It is our testimony to someone else to keep pushing, and not to give up. God knows our hearts, and He will continue to be faithful to us. He won't let us go. He knows that we are sincerley sorry and we want to change. He will continue working with us until He has called us to be the young women and men that He wants us to be. Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord for continuing to show us your love.

Ask God for forgiveness, and move on. Where ever you are right now get up leave your old sinful body behind, just get up, be free from Satan's evil. Don't look back, what is done is done. Clear those sin's from your mind, walk away in peace, knowing that you are free from sin, for the Lord has risen...he is true, he is merciful. Walk the upper path of glory, follow God. May the Lord's amazing grace shine upon you, for the Lord is mighty to save, and can rid anyone of anything.

no matter what we have done any things in our life that is unforgivable and is against the lord preaching god is the only one that is there to forgive us a million times.trust in the lord and leave the rest to god do not be afraid of tommorow are't you worth much more than the sparrow

GOD forgive me of what i have done to you. i'am a sinner. i regret doing all the bad things i have done. HELP ME oh lord.

When Jesus died on that cross he forgave EVERY SINGLE sin that would ever be made. If you have accepted him in your heart he now sees you a righteous through Christ Jesus. You are not a big black hold of all of the mistakes you have made. You are clean, you are holy and you are perfect in Jesus's eyes. You are forgiven. You dont have to beg for forgivness, God still loves you, he isnt mad at you. This is what God is about he is about love, forgivness, and most importantly Grace. He is filled with Grace. The guilt you feel if you have already repented is straight from the devil himself, He is feeding you lies about yourself saying you can never be forgiven, you have messed up to bad, God is so angry at you. While God is saying no you are mine and i love you. You have to choose who to listen too. I hope this helps and i'll keep you in my prayers

Hi LoveGodFirst- this is such a wonderful message you wrote. it will surely touch any reader...I know it has touched my heart. Thank you.

Dts d way i m feeling. Full of guilt. Bt ur msg has really helped. May god bless u.

I relate to you. I hope that you will respond with where you are today, almost four years later :)<br />
<br />
On a personal note, most of the replies say "past." What if a saved person constantly keeps on sinning. Despite being saved...and knowing his or her salvation? I am honestly curious...maybe others are curious about this too. Sadly, I almost hope so, selfish as it is. <br />
<br />
What if you just can't...well, let's be real, don't....stop sinning. I drink, I take ADHD drugs (with which I am prescribed, not that it makes it right necessarily). And I don't always go to church. I think about God and I truly love Him. And I know he loves me...in a technical sense. But, I feel that I fail Him everyday. Actually, I am sure that I do.<br />
<br />
How does one rationalize this? I can't figure out how. I am just terrified. Eventually, I will let Him down to the point to where he hurts me...and my life will go to dirt. By my own doing. Especially since I KNOW better, through Him. I am weak. I fail constantly. Although, I think I do some good too. But how much good can one do if it's from sin? I mean, seriously, I sin every day. Every single day. I guess we all do. But, I am so scared that I will not be the person I need to be to help God's will. <br />
<br />
I've heard that the way we "perceive" God can be related to how we perceived our own human fathers...perhaps this is true. I don't know and I need advice. <br />
<br />
Can someone give some on this subject. I really feel I am going to end up miserable because I am inherently "bad"...if so, I will continue loving God. But, most of all it scares me because, what if those that I love who do not know God don't get there because of my sin. What if they go to hell. Or, most of all (selfish again) what I lose them here on earth?<br />
<br />
If any new believers are reading this...please Don't get me wrong. The Lord CHANGED my heart upon my salvation. I am so much happier, or at least at peace. And I have changed in ways that make me feel more secure. But, some of the things I didn't mind about me before, I know mind. And I guess I just choose to fall on the sword. But, if I could go back, I would accept Christ again. I am not just saying it. He brings peace. But He also grooms you. I guess I just don't like grooming. :)<br />
<br />
But, I feel like I've been backsliding. How far backward can one go?<br />
<br />
Any advice is so much appreciated.

I can so relate to what you are saying. And you are so brave to just put it out there like that, I commend you! :)

Jesus said " Go in peace your sinns are forgiven". He taught that we are all children of God. <br />
God created you a very special person, exactly perfect just the way you are. Repent ... which simply means change yor ways. This you are already doing.....work in progress! The two things that will bring you down is fear and guilt. avoid these with all your might!<br />
May god Bless you more...with love Barry

Im a sinner i did evil things against my nieghbor.I desrespect there people, I hate them,i judge them.I know i have sinned cause i hurt there fellings and I dishonor them.God will never forget us surely he has a plan for us,God is showing us what is right and wrong so that we will stop what were doing.It is better i remember my sin on the past cause it is the only way i walk to God

Im a sinner i did evil things against my nieghbor.I desrespect there people, I hate them,i judge them.I know i have sinned cause i hurt there fellings and I dishonor them.God will never forget us surely he has a plan for us,God is showing us what is right and wrong so that we will stop what were doing.It is better i remember my sin on the past cause it is the only way i walk to God

i have been saved for about 20 years, but out of those twenty i've backsliden many times, today my own church looks at me with disgust, it's a real shame they can't see God's Grace or his tender Mercy's, thats hypocricy, as if they are holier than the next, i just stand afar off and ask God to forgive me, a sinner... you pick your head up God Loves you, though your mother rejects and forsakes you he will never turn from his creation, you can overcome, you just gotta be serious about who you are, we always find an excuse to sin, it's always the easiest way, but as you practice and practice it becomes a way of life, you are already delivered, you are your greatest enemy,the devil does"nt even mess with us sometimes because we're just without excuse, we need to be a people who are able to look in the mirror and know we are somebody in spite of our past, there will always be the whisper of guilt in our ear saying "you might as well, whats it gonna hurt" but then after the act has been commited, it was never worth it, the satisfaction will never live up to the hype,, if we're gonna serve Him then lets serve Him if not then serve this world and the future it will bring,,,there is promise in God above and beyond anything we could think or even imagine,, daily, make your choice,, when you wake up make your decision there and then, and then be about it,, whatever it takes, stand up and be that woman of God, thats how he sees you,,

Hi! Are we living the same life in different bodies, across the world? I have sinned too, but not at my free will, or at least I tell myself so. There were times when I begged for God to stop me, to liberate me, perhaps to reduce my guilt, perhaps to let Him know that I know He knows. But my sins never reduced. Now I am a victim of my own doings. I am a victim of depression, because I know I have sinned, given excuses, broken promises, and establiched myself as a weak person, looking for support, looking for reasons to justify my wrong doings. Whereas what He really wanted me to do was to be more like him. Confident and happy, truthful and patient, loving and caring. And I loved only myself. I was impatient, always, for I believed I deserved the best. Was it not enough to remember God once in a while in my busy schedule? Should that not please him? Afterall what more could I do? And when it came to the recieving end, why couldn't Lord give me more? When couldn't He answer my prayers quickly?<br />
But He... being what He is... never stopped smiling, not even for a second. When I screamt and said He does not exist, he smiled, with tears in his eyes. When I cried, he gave a reassuring smile. When I laughed, he smiled again. <br />
But I still sin. If my love for you is so pure, God, then why do I sin? Do I pretend I love you? Is our relationship based on my comfort? When will you meet me God? When will you liberate me of this aching pain in my heart? When will you fill the void? When will you touch me and take away the pain, accumulated over births and rebirths? <br />
I am waiting God, the sinner awaits your arrival.

My god. I feel the same way. I hv been sinning. I hv been questioning his existence. Nd yes i m in pain as well. I do want him to touch me. I want to meet him. I want to be wid him.

When I feel like you wrote in your story, I try to remember or look up scriptures about Jesus' love for us. Like, You are the apple of His eye, He knows the number of hairs on your head, He created you in the secret place, He predestined for YOU to know Him, He sent His only Son to earth to show His love for you, to die for your sins, and rise with healing in His wings. Praise Him and Thank Him for this precious gift of forgiveness as often as you think of it, reject the condemnation from the deceiver, and tell someone else about the Good News! That always helps me.<br />
***Love covers a multitude of sins***

Did you ever wonder why in your faith sin is bad? It isn't simply that it goes against your God, but it also hurts you. More than being scared and defiant towards God, one has to wonder why you think so little of yourself. You have labeled your behavior as sinful and feel horrible being this person you find yourself as, but you also embrace your sinfulness. Your God made you, just as your are and knows better than you what you can and can't do. Maybe the lesson isn't to repent to Him but to repent to yourself.

I'm feeling exactly like you.. Its like you know its not right to sin. Yet you sink deeper and deeper. Yet feeling remorseful at the same time. <br />
<br />
But we all know that God is merciful. Let's hope that we steer away from doing things God detest most. And let us not continue sinning and disappoint Him. His love shall guide us away from evil things.

Matt. 12:31 I made my sins known to you, and I did not cover up my guilt. I decided to confess them to you, O LORD. Then you forgave all my sins. Selah (GOD'S WORD®) <br />
<br />
Sister in Christ Jesus, I pray that this scripture will give you the confidence to know in your heart that God has forgiving all of your sins. Nomatter what you have done in your pass life .. God loves you and forgives you . The ememy (devil) will always try his best to bring guilt and condemnation in our life's .... but his best is not good enough. We serve a mighty God so just put your trust in Him knowing that your are His child .<br />
<br />
Jeremiah 29:11 I know the plans that I have for you, declares the LORD. They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope. (GOD'S WORD®)<br />
I pray that God will impower you with His Holy Spirit and Peace which surpasses all understanding. <br />
God Bless In Jesus Name

Dear Friend as i was scroling through the stories, i saw yours, it stood out than all the others i noticed. why? i see conpassion that you know that god truely loves you. we all have done things in our life that we're not proud of, but he loves you.. and i am sure if u let him be god in your life he will always be there. you know we must first ask him to forgive us and then go to the ones we've hurt and ask there forgiveness aslo. we must also forgive them that has hurt us. i know it is hard,but we got to forgive them. we face things in our life we don't understand and i have been there myself. life is to short to not to have god in our life's. we need him and he is the only way out from the wrath of god that is coming. i am not trying to put fear in your heart but i will be trueful to you. we must be saved and bapitzed befor we can enter his kingdom. one day he shall return and i want to see you there in heaven, u know he will never leave you or forsake you. when others let you down he will be there ready to hear what you have to say. i have been through depression and didn't feel that thay were hope for me but there was JESUS, he changed me and now i have never been the same. i love the lord and i hope i have said something that helped you. DEAR GOD U SEE AND KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PERSON AND LORD I BELIVE THAT THIS PRAYER CAME FROM THE HEART, GOD I ASK THAT YOU LEAD AND GUIDE HER IN HER LIFE, JESUS I ASK THAT YOU SHOW HER LOVE LIKE SHE HAS NEVER FELT BEFOR. I ASK THAT YOU RISE HER UP IN NEWNESS,AND CLEANESS,GOD YOUR MIGHTY AND POWERFUL I ASK THAT SHE WILL FOLLOW YOU WITH ALL HER ENTER STRENTH. GOD I ASK THAT ALL THESE THINGS THAT HAS STOOD IN HER WAY OF SERVING YOU THAT THEY WILL NEVER ENTER HER MIND AGIAN. I ASK THAT THIS WILL BE DONE IN JESUS NAME, AMEN