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A couple of month ago, i was so angry at god because my relationship failed. I blame him that he didnt do anything, give sign etc, to help me save it. I left God. and i was in denial the whole time. and i was so angry at him, i didnt want to go to church etc

now that its been a long time since, i've realized how stupid i have been. perhaps this was a lesson in my life. maybe it was meant to be.

i wonder if god will forgive me. i like to reestablish the my relationship wif God again.

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Bad things happen to everyone. You shouldn't ba<x>se your religious faith or lack thereof on how lucky you are in this life, especially if you believe in an afterlife.

just realize that as soon as we put our happiness into people and things, we take our eyes off god. he didnt do that to you. you did it to yourself. no offence. it happends to all of us.

God is all good things to an infinite and perfect degree. Including love and mercy. God created us, but He also gave us each a free will. He won't ever revoke that free will from anyone... that's why criminals get away with physically doing what they do, however evil. But God will hold everyone accountable for their crimes in eternity. So when we've been used, abandoned, etc... by people around us, we have to remember that God didn't want that to happen to us. But God doesn't "indian give" and so He doesn't stop those people from using their free will to do evil. If any wrong has been done to us, He will avenge it in eternity (and sometimes sooner). For our part, we have to realize that God loves each of us, and however far we've fallen, He would much rather we come back to Him, than have to see us in hell for eternity. He doesn't want anybody to loose their soul. He loves each soul that comes into the world, even if many of them decide not to return that love. But until the grave, it's never to late to tell Him, "I'm sorry, I've made a mistake, but I want to come back to You."<br />
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Keep the faith. God is not petty like us. Pettiness comes from selfishness, and God was so unselfish that He created us even knowing that we would so often offend Him. He wanted us to share heaven with Him enough to suffer our infinite insults (infinite because when we fall, we offend a God Who is infinite love and goodness.) His love was proven on the cross, when He went so far as to bear the punishments of our sins in His body.<br />
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I heard this once from somewhere... "I asked God: "How much do you love me?" And Christ said "This much," and He stretched out His arms and died for me.<br />
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And in a certain version of the Stations of the Cross/Way of the Cross meditation... "Behold Him hanging upon the cross... His whole appearance betokens love. His head is bent to kiss you, His arms are open to embrace you, His heart is open to receive you..."<br />
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Don't doubt His love. Go back to it, where all of us belong, so that we can see Him in eternity where we will realize finally the overwhelming extent of that love, which surpasses the frailty of all human love.

Like everyone here said, when bad things happen to us we blame god, but as a catholic I believe that we grow as people through adversity, we just have to remember that God loves you dearly, no matter what.

Contrary to what alot of persons thinks, God knows how human behaves and what we are capable of because we are but humans. He understands, pain regret, disappointment, etc. All you have to do is find your way back home to Him. He never left you in the first place so He is right there waiting with open arms ready to embrase you.

What gives any of you the right to geuss the mind of a being you think is so incomprehensable?

I wonder about people who think that God has the same petty emotions that we do. He created all of this - doesn't it make sense that he's a bit beyond our negativities (anger, jealousy, grudges, etc.)? I believe He understands what's true in your life, and he sees you judging HIM! So stop judging Him and Yourself, and get on with your job of Loving All God's Creatures.

Psalms32:51 I made my sins known to you, and I did not cover up my guilt. I decided to confess them to you, O LORD. Then you forgave all my sins. Selah (GOD'S WORD®)<br />
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Yes be assured that God is a forgiving God. God is faithful to His word therefore His word will not come back unto Him void. Know that He loves you more than the numbers of the stars , which are countless. God Bless

he will always forgive you when you simply ask.