I Have Let God Down


I am a big sinner and want to change my ways.  Quick gratfication seems to always win in terms of doing the wrong thing.  I have had a problem with drinking too much and *****.  I keep telling God that I will stop viewing **** but then I do it again.  I am doing this when I need God the most.  I am going through some health issues and need God to heal me.  I need his strength to stay away from the sins of *****.  I also want to keep my drinking down to moderation.  I hope God can forgive me.  I have asked God for forgivness more than once and then turned around and did the sin all over again.  Please say a prayer for me and ask God to forgive me.  I am a good person inside.  I have got my self into some bad habits and need to break them.  Like others, I do want to be saved and go to heaven.  I want to know that God is there for me.  I need God to know that I am going to try hard and be a better person starting this minute.  It is so hard not to take temptation and do something you shouldn't do.  I will try harder.

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You are on the right track - admitting your wrongs. The thing about this is that telling God you want to change and try to change always seems to be the wrong way. Trying asking Him to help you change because you cannot do it by yourself. <br />
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God knows our week and frail minds so He is always ready to forgive<br />
Wanting to do the right and end up doing the wrong happens to everyone, even Paul the apostle says the things he should do he find himself doing otherwise but he had a daily battle so we are not exempted.

Hey its good to write openly about something like that. i too struggled with like behaviour. Yes alot of us do it and all that goes along with **** but first , its an acceptence that what you are doing is not godly. Then no matter how dirty you feel keep going back to Him. Speak to him of the power of His word and the cross. He will see you through. He is able. Its not our goodness that makes us acceptable in his site, its his kindness and mercy. Dear he loves you. Ask Him to take control since as you have noted you cannot. Ask Him to take a hold of your life and live His in you. He will.

So what kind of **** is it? Must be some pretty wicked stuff. if I don’t repent, and I have seen ****, I suppose that alone is enough to send me to burn forever, The5cs is right, EVERY guy unless he is twisted. Quick gratification is not necessarily a bad thing if you are a reasonable logical person, you will find that you have a pretty good idea of what good and bad actions are without imagining your god tisk tisking you

Look inside yourself for your God. Don't take the ***** thing too seriously, EVERY guy looks at ****.

don't let it get you down god knows what's in your heart. the problem with temptation is it's tempting. don't let you false step keep you from going forward. what i mean is just because you do these things don't let them keep you from praying and seeking god. keep going to god keep reading the word keep rraying and the lord will give you the strength to break the hold these temptation have over you . that is if that's what you want.