God Yes I Have Failed Him

Yes I know I have at times I do pray alot especially when I am stressed it helps plus it helped when I was having a breakdown praying did help me keep my head about me, I try and try but some how I dont think I am doing a good job for him  I know I must be better and help people more, I think about it alot but have trouble doing it
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3 Responses Jul 1, 2007

And not of works, so that none should boast....<br />
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It's always been Him that does the good in us. Apologize for what you have really done and leave the rest to Him.<br />
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Only He knows the plans He has, and He will have His will. Rest in that. He doesn't expect you to do His job. Your only job is to spend your life loving Him. He will take care of the rest with His Holy Spirit. Christ has already paid for all of our sins, so remember that and rejoice again!

God will be happy with you as long as you try to be and do your best and never lose faith in him Nobody is perfect. Even if it's just praying for someone elses well being God will recognize that and your blessings will come in due time

Personally I think your putting way to much pressure on yourself. God doesn't expect us to be perfect...that's impossible and if anyone knows that it's God. All he expects is for us to do the best we can. That's all anyone can do. You can't keep killing yourself saying I have to more I have to do more...do what you can and know that God appreciates everything your doing and trying to do. It's not as much what you do for everyone as it is what's in your heart. If in your heart you wanted to help someone or something like that but for some reason you can't or don't. God will acknowledge what you felt in your heart...that's improtant to him as well. All God expects is for us to try our best...he doesn't expect super heros. Do what you can and God will always make a way for the important stuff to get done...and he'll know your a good person and that your trying...and that's all he wants.<br />
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Good luck in life. I hope everything works out for you..I really do.