A Lot of Times I Wonder If He ...

A lot of times I wonder if He thinks I am failing him, because I don't worship exactly like most of your religions say you should.  I feel like God knows what's in all of our hearts regardless of how certain religions say you should worship.
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Indeed, He seems to be calling many sensitive and caring people to stay away from the "Commercial" churches and their entertainment industries.<br />
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Trust Him. More than me, or anyone else, even yourself. You know what I mean.<br />
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We are telling you that it's okay, with the same Spirit that is happy to have you to Himself, in Spirit and in truth, as He said.<br />
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Many times, churches do not have these things, so we worship Him ourselves, in a way that is Spirit and truth. It matters to Him! I think it's Him doing this with so many of us who love Him.<br />
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Reach out and make contact with others of like faith. You may be surprised how many there are!

I'm sure that it's not about practising a religion, but only about love. Love is the key to God. If you love him, I think that's enough.