I Dont Wanna Be Hurt Again

I like him and he likes me but I'm so scared to be in a new relationship i was hurt so bad last time my heart was crush Thur ad text and i dint wanna get hurt again it scares me so bad and what  if kids in school judge me dating him what if I'm not excepted well maybe acceptance wont be some important if I'm happy but I can never seem to be happy when I'm scared what if he isn't what I thought what if i get my heart crush again i cannot deal with that kinda of pain it hurt worse than anything in the world to have your heart broken and what if he doesn't like that fact that i dint like kissing at school i dint like the feeling of Pol judging me and he is cute he doesn't seem like my type when you first see him its just the way he dresses compared to the way i dress but idc really he is just into those baggy jeans and long shirts the long shirts are ok but baggy jean?well i can get over that but idk If i can handle this relationship thing i mean i have such bad self image i need to get past being scared of ppl judging me i should just get over it and be happy for once in my like.

Lostinimage Lostinimage
13-15, F
Mar 25, 2009