I Lie

I am a liar. That's just it. My habit of lying had become so terribly horrible that I lie without even thinking about it. I'm not very old (not in my teens), so I am afraid. I to to Church and I believe in Jesus dying on the cross. I believe in God. But that also means that Hell is a very real thug for me. I know that on Judgement Day, I will be Judged by God and I'm terrified that I will spend eternity being tortured in a lake of sulfur and fire. I love God, and Jesus. I am saved, and going to be baptized. I also know that God loves me. I don't read from the Bible everyday like a Christian is supposed to; also, I stole my brother's earphones from his room because I lost mine. I lie to my parents, and even though I think I'm a Christian and I think I'll go to Heaven, I'm not sure. I took a test on needGod.com and it said I would go to Hell. I repented but I still feel horrible. What should I do?
1 Response May 22, 2012

I also fear hell very much. <br />
<br />
Do what the Bible says, live for CHRIST and cease from sin, nothing on earth is worth burning in hell for and even more nothing on earth is worth missing Heaven for, Heaven is going to be so awesome and those who get in will be so happy they never dreamed they could be so happy and JESUS will be right there with them, loving them.