Daily Struggle

this has always been my number one fear, possibly my only fear ='(

I know i have my friends but its not the same as finding that special someone who you want and crave like no other, the one you want to spend the rest of
your life with. Being a shy guy its not always been easy 4 me 2 stumble into relationships, but the ones i have found myself in have all turned out so wrong. In those relationships i felt like i gave in 2 easily and gave everything i had, while being taken for granted. I know its foolish to believe that all relationships will end up like this, im 18 but im not stupid: Horwever, i held on to these type of relationships to long and allow myself to hurt while constantly thinking they will change and not allowing myself to move on, mainly because of  insecurities and feeling that i will never find someone better who will love me for me

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I know exactly how you feel. But luckily since we're so young we have plenty of time for things to turn around :)

Haha then let's be awesome together buddy!!! (:

LMFAOOOO @ CHC: Shh i'd never say no to you ;) lol

@Rogue: You're funny and you're kind, if that doesn't make you awesome then theres something wrong with the definition of awesome =P<br />
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@CHC: Aww thanks buddy =). Lol nooo if that's true then I must find somebody, an't have my creeper going her whole entire life without being loved. Sadly sometimes, kindness can be mistaken for weakness, some people take advantage.<br />
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It is definitely a troublesome fear to have, it can consume you at times. Yeah i've been there also, it can be hard to wait sometimes. I myself see nothing wrong with you, you're gorgeous to me inside and out, I also love your randomness and sense of humor =P. I really hope you find someone who realizes how special you truly are buddy =).<br />
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Lol @ "i'll shut up now", you're a silly one =P -Hugs back-

Nomac don't say that, we all want love whether we admit it or not buddy. I am going to steal and marry MiracleWhipTrickster pretty soon! He just doesn't know it yet >:D and shhhhhh don't tell him! xD He's going to refuse to but I just love Italians hehe :P<br />
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But what I am really trying to say Nomac, is that we can't give up because we've been hurt. In life there so much pain and if we let it consume us then we are the ones at a loss. A life full of anger is no better than loneliness. We just gotta move forward regardless.

Buddy, you are one of the sweetest guys I have ever met. If you don't find someone then that means the rest of us are screwed and will NEVER find love. Kindness doesn't go unappreciated and you have so much to offer I can't see why someone wouldn't fall for you.<br />
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Being alone is my greatest fear as well. They tell me "oh be patient" but at a certain point one gets tired of waiting. I have long wondered, is something wrong with me, what makes me undesirable, what makes me unattractive and how do I fix it? BUT I am coming to the realization that perhaps it's not my time, that perhaps it won't happen until I start loving myself first. <br />
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Okay, I don't know where I am going with this so i'll shut up now -_- *hugs*

Lol buddy!! Aww!! =)<br />
hah how am I awesome??

@ RogueAngel, lol aww thank you, but you're more awesome! =P<br />
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@ Nomac, Sorry to hear that man.

Yoou are amazing!!! (:

Yeah theres not much worse then being in a relationship where you are the only one trying. Very true you can't change people. Thanks for the comment, and will do if I ever need to =)

Believe me i can relate on just about every level. Im not shy, but i have had my share of not liked relationships. It sucks when your are the one giving 110% when the other person is putting in .01% and stealing from your 110. I hate feeling strongly and being taken advantage of. But there isn't much you can do. You can't change people, you just need to take more time to get to know someone. I know its hard because im still trying to figure out how to not jump into fast which is probably one reason why im miserably single But anywayz, message me if you ever wanna talk. Im a good listener :)

yeah much of what you say is true, i've seen it both ways, i know i'm relatively young and i have so much time to meet new people, i do hold out hope, there are just days where i let it drag me down, then there are the other days where it doesn't phase me. I wanna thank you for taking the time to comment =)

Just remember that in a real relationship, the other person will not take you for granted. I've seen so many of my guy friends settle for less than they deserve, with girls that treat them like they're there to cater to their needs, and that's not true. Relationships are about giving and taking... and yeah, you shouldn't expect anything in return when you give, but your girlfriend will give anyway because she loves you. You WILL find someone to love you... and like you said, you're young. I'm assuming you're still in high school or your first year of college which means that girls are selfish and... immature, for lack of a better word. But as you grow older and get to know people you'll realize that there's great girls out there who will do anything to see a smile on your face. You'll find her, trust me :)