I have seen how it is when you start to grow up. You get more responsibilities and some of them can be good but there are others like paying for insurance, paying for bills and all the other things that everyday adults have to take care. If I had grown up regularly like everyone else I wouldn't be afraid to grow up but, I didn't get my license at 16, a car at 18...well I got a car at 18 but I didn't have my license so I couldn't use it anyways; I didn't have a steady income coming in so I couldn't move out and be on my own and all of that has led up to why I am afraid of growing up now and why I don't consider myself to be a regular adult. That may sound mean to the people that are in the same situation as me but I don't mean for it to be I am just talking about me in this situation.
Culinaryman23 Culinaryman23
26-30, M
Aug 22, 2014