Affraid Of Happyness And Losing It

im affraid of being happy, its been over fifteen years i came out of a relationship that hurt so bad. and i stood alone being that happyness really does not excist, well after a long period of time alone comes a men wish i never knew to be a truelover and everything a women can want, this men has everything , i mean everything i ever dreamed about a men should be.  so i started to date him and i started to have feelings with him and then i got scared im really affraid to let a relationship keep going because i feel i could get hurt again and this time really wont know what i would do.  im falling in love i really am  but why? im i affraid to really let him in my life its just to good to be true i feel i"m under a spell.
annabaez47 annabaez47
Aug 12, 2010