But I Love Children.

I absolutely love children. I don't have many friends my age but children love me and they always make me smile. However, I have a very weak, tired body due to prolonged extreme stress, and the stress of a pregnancy would be too much to handle. Besides, I have an EXTREME fear of childbirth, especially due to my over-receptive (over-receptive? Is that a word?) nerves. I've struggled with eating disorders and if I gained weight during pregnancy I would almost definitely stop eating. As I said before, I can't handle stress well and raising a child would just be too much. Because I love children, I would spoil my child and it would grow up to be a bad person. Plus, knowing my luck, my child would probably die before it moved out or something. I do, however, want to become a teacher for elementary school children if my stress issues resolve. I'm thinking of getting my tubes tied after I go to college.
oliveostrovsky oliveostrovsky
Jan 17, 2013