Saw A Horror Story

I was over at a friend's house about a year ago and we were watching a documentary about "Nature's Nightmares."  They were talking about hippos.  It featured comments from a person who was seriously injured by a hippo.  This guy was inside the hippo's throat.  And there was another person who witnessed his best friend being killed by a hippo.  There was a lot of blood and it just horrified me.  I know that hippopotamuses are vegetarians, but they are very vicious if you venture into their territory.  Thankfully, I never plan on doing that.  Still, the TV show just horrified me.
smoothiefueledrampage smoothiefueledrampage
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2 Responses Jan 3, 2007

I read somewhere that more people are killed by hippos in egypt than are killed by crocodiles. Wouldn't surprise me if it were true.

Yes, they can be carnivorous...I saw a TV documentary a while ago about a disease which was wiping out a group of hippos in Uganda. The disease was spreading because the corpses of the infected animals were being eaten by other members of the group.